Resting between gym sets? Maximise that time and record your training

If your aim is to get fit this summer then hitting the gym is the most obvious first step to make. But one key thing to remember is to track the activity you do.

By tracking your cardio workouts and strength training, you’ll be able to create a fresh starting point, set realistic goals and monitor changes over time. It’ll also help push you to improve little by little, without going over the top or causing damage, because you simply couldn’t remember the weights your body is capable of lifting, or how many wall sits you did in your last workout.

But tracking takes time. Add on tracking of your food as well, which again is another great way to keep in check with your body, then your making a new chore for each day. The answer to this is to make use of the free time you have, and why not find that time whilst your at the gym.

When you’re at the gym lifting weights, you should be resting for around a minute between sets. If you do 6 different exercises, with 3 sets each, that’s around 15 minutes spare time – more than enough to track the day’s food and the training you’re currently doing.

Try it out next time you’re at the gym with MyFitnessPal on your smartphone.

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