Trying out the Ki Fit activity tracking device

I’ve been trying out the Ki Fit self-tracking device for about a week now and will be using it for another two. It’s part of my aim to try out all the devices in this area that are available to us mere consumers – as MC10 is a little out of our grasp.

The Ki Fit device tracks your daily activity in terms of calories in and out, levels of activity, steps & quality of sleep. The device is very accurate – more so than other devices, such as the FitBit – thanks to its ability to track motion, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, heat flux and of course, steps.

This accuracy comes at a cost and the Ki Fit is one of the more expensive devices on the market. You need the Ki Fit device itself and a subscription to the online performance manager to actually view and analyse your data. There are a number of ways to pay, for example you can get the device and 12 months subscription for £268.99.

The Ki Fit is part of a wider family of products from Ki Performance. There is a live display to wear on your wrist like a watch, something I’d find incredibly useful, and they even have a ‘BodPod‘ at Harrods (I’ll be giving this ago this week) which runs a full analysis of your body type in accurate detail – but again, it is pricey.

Now while I may have mentioned cost quite a bit, it is worth it. The device is more accurate than others and certainly warrants the extra cost. It simply depends on what you want from self tracking and what you can afford.

I’ll be wearing the Ki Fit for another 2 weeks before publishing my data and the review, but for now – it is looking good and I’d certainly recommend the device to other self-quants. Find out more about Ki Fit here.

Check back in 2 weeks for the full review, even sooner for my review of the BodPod

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