Are MC10 creating the holy grail for capturing your body data?

It sounds like something from a hi tech science lab – and that’s because it is. Tech company MC10 is creating a stretchable sticker like sensor that you can attach to your body to track information. The device is essentially a chip – a very thin, bendable and wearable chip that makes self quantification a whole lot easier.

There are a number of problems with self-tracking at the moment. One of the main issues is that devices are large bulky things that must be worn on the body or clothing, allowing for occasions where you forget to remove the device or put it back on – thus losing data. I’m trying out the Ki Fit at the moment which you wear on your arm, it’s certainly a conversation starter to say the least as people immediately question the bulky device attached to you. What MC10 are developing is different. It is a tiny little thing that no one will notice, even you yourself will forget it is ever there.

It’s not just about looks, the size offers so much more capability. Currently we track steps, activity and sleep. That’s most the limit from the devices on the market today. But MC10 has potential to go where no devices have ever gone before. Nike plan to add them to clothing – imagine a t-shirt that analyses your gym activity – and there is talk of sticking them to body organs – who needs a heart rate monitor strap when you can just go directly to the heart itself?

It is very exciting, but I’d expect the closest we as mainstream consumers will see is the Nike clothing. For anyone hoping to plant MC10s all over your internal organs – you might be in for a bit of a wait.

There’s a good post about MC10 on – certainly worth a read.

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  1. Alex Judd

    I think that’s a great idea for gym wear. You see a lot of people walking round with notepads to measure their performance – so to have all of this done for you will be a breath of fresh air.

    The ability to see exactly what you’ve achieved whilst exercising makes it a much more rewarding experience – and gives you the ability to set & achieve targets with ease.

    As for the chip, I’ve got to say I’m rather scepitcal at the moment. I’m sure it would be quite popular – but for me it seems to open doors to a worrying invasion of privacy.

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