FitBit One and Zip

FitBit announce new wireless tracking devices: The One and Zip

Today FitBit, the company behind the FitBit Ultra wireless activity tracking device and the Aria WiFi scales, announced two new wireless activity trackers to replace the Ultra. These are FitBit The One and FitBit Zip.

FitBit The One is the replacement for the FitBit Ultra. It is the top end device, tracking all the things you did with your Ultra, but now also with a silent vibrating alarm – a feature I have always wanted and presumably waking you during the best sleep cycle to do so (and not your partner). There is also a new brighter screen and two new colour options. The One costs the reasonable sum of £79.99 with free apps and online dashboard.

FitBit Zip is a cheaper device with more basic functionality. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your Ultra, it may have too little to offer, but with the lower price of just £49.99, it’s worth considering. The Zip will track steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. It is available in 5 funky colours and has a battery life of 4-6 months.

But the best thing about both devices is that they will sync directly with your iOS device (Android support coming soon) with Bluetooth 4.0. That means you no longer have to be within sitting distance of your USB connector to sync, but simply need to have your phone in your pocket – meaning you’ll have access to live data through the app; anytime, anywhere.

When the FitBit first launched in 2008 there was far less competition and focus in the self-tracking market. But with the popularisation of the quantified self movement, new products such as the Nike Fuelband and sports fever from the Olympics, FitBit will be competing more and more to prove its devices are the best. Judging by this new range, with its Bluetooth 4.0 support, they are leading the way.

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