Alarms for couples that wake at different times (and track your sleep too)

There are so many alarms in the market that wake you up in innovative ways. You can be woken up by sound levels that would make any health and safety officer shudder, by alarms that require you to get out of bed and chase the damn things or even those that wake you softly by mimicking the sunrise.

But if you live with your partner and both wake (or try to) at different times, then none of these alarms actually work. Why? Because it wakes the other person up that doesn’t have to wake up till later. Bummer. But fear ye not; there are two companies solving this for you, with two innovative products that wake you up and not your partner. Sweet.


The WakeMate is a wristband that you wear to bed. It measures body movement, through a scientifically proven method called Actigraphy, to map dips and peaks in your sleep cycle. The wristband communicates directly with your mobile phone to calculate the ideal wake time closest to your alarm setting. When you wake up, your night’s sleep data is automatically uploaded to their online analytics platform where you’ll find out; your hourly sleep score, a minute-by-minute breakdown of your sleep state and how the night compares to your lifetime averages.


The LUMI Mask is a sleep mask that not only blocks light, but also simulates sunrise. It focuses on two strong sleep cues, darkness and Light, to help you fall asleep with ease and wake feeling alert and refreshed. Like traditional sleep masks it blocks out light, but in the morning a light unit inside the mask simulates a sunrise 30 minutes before you wake, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. It doesn’t track your sleep like WakeMate does, but waking the natural way, through light, may be even more important to you than having a computer telling you how well you slept.

Unfortunately, both devices are out of stock right now, but keep an eye on their feeds to be the first to know when they’re available. Follow WakeMake on Twitter here and LUMI Mask on Twitter here. As soon as we can get our hands on them we’ll review each device so you know whether they’re worth the purchase or not.

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