FitBit Flex

FitBit introduces new wireless activity tracker you won’t lose

The one main complaint I have maintained about the FitBit is that it is worn on the clothes.

As a result, it is too open to human error and often get’s knocked off, or even worse, washed! I should know – mine got a spin cycle three times before it gave up the ghost.

Now though, FitBit has announced the FitBit Flex. It is the first activity tracker from the company that is worn on the body, like you would a bracelet or a watch; so you have no risk of putting it in the watch and you’d have to be pretty darn active to have it fling off.

Much like the FitBit One, it wirelessly syncs to your iPhone – and now your Android device too – using Bluetooth and you’ll be able to continue using your FitBit dashboard to track activity and compete with friends.

The device will be out in the spring, so you’ll have just enough time to decide whether it’s the FitBit or Jawbone Up for you.

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    […] Human error is a major flaw in many devices and people often dismiss this. But forgetting to clip your FitBit to your belt, or your BodyMedia device to your arm after a shower, can result in a day’s activity lost. It won’t get lost itself either; something that many FitBit owners find is that their device falls of during vigorous exercise, or even goes through the wash (it’s on your clothes, not your body – a major flaw they are fixing soon). […]

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