BodyMedia introduces the Core 2 – a fully waterproof activity tracker with continuous heart rate monitor

BodyMedia, the company behind the KiFit activity tracker in the UK, has revealed a new device at this year’s CES.

BodyMedia’s Core 2 Armband brings the functionality of the Fit device to the Core range. In fact, the Core 2 is smaller than the original Core and has even more functionality that the Fit device.

The Core 2 includes all the sensors you find in the Fit device – skin temperature, heat flux, galvanic skin response, 3-axis accelerometer – and adds on top of that an additional extra; a continuous heart rate monitor, using dry electrode sensors.

Along with the Holy Grail feature of activity trackers (the continuous hear rate monitor), BodyMedia have included an additional feature that will widen that smile – it is waterproof. So you’ll no longer have to remove the device when taking a shower or going for a swim (one of the flaws I noted in my review of the Fit device).

The device is still worn on the arm, but being smaller and also customizable, it should fit in better with your day to day lifestyle than the bulky Fit device.

I’m looking forward to seeing it in the UK, although don’t get your hopes up – Ki Performance (the UK arm of BodyMedia) are yet to even introduce the original Core device.

UPDATE: Ki Performance will be introducing the Core 2 device at the same time as the US.

via MobiHealthNews

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