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iRiver ON: the headphones that monitor your heart rate as you work out

The process of monitoring your heart rate while you work out has seen a radical overhaul of late.

While for some time the only method has been through a chest strap and receiver, or manual check through watches with dry electrodes, now we are seeing continuous heart rate monitors come to the marker where no chest strap is needed at all, nor any manual checks.

The majority of these are through watch-like devices, one product announced at CES this year combines heart rate monitoring technology with a device you’re most certainly already wearing during a workout; your headphones.

iRiver ON are the first earbuds embedded with Valencell’s PerformTek Sensor Technology and will be available worldwide by March this year. The technology uses light to shine through to blood vessel in the ear, with the amount of light returning to the device helping it calculate the current heart rate.

It doesn’t just track your heart rate though, the iRiver ON is capable of replacing whatever you currently use to track workout activity, because it tracks distance, speed, cadence, VO2 max (aerobic fitness level) and calories burned. It’s the runner’s best friend.

The headphones will be available in the UK this March, priced around £125. iPhone and Android dashboard apps will also be launched at the same time.

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