New Withings WiFi scales track air quality and your heart rate

There are a few different options for WiFi scales out there at the moment.

In the UK, you’re probably best of with the FitBit Aria or Withings WiFi scales. But if you are looking into buying some this year, hold off a little and you’ll get plenty for bang for your buck.

That’s because Withings have updated their signature product to bring both heart rate monitoring and CO2 level tracking to their WiFi scales.

This means you can now track your weight, BMI, body fat, heart rate and air quality. Do this every day and over time you’ll notice different things that may affect the overall trend – thus finding how to hack your body.

You might be wondering why CO2 matters, well it matters because it tends to build up in small spaces – such as the bedroom. This results in unhealthy side effects which can affect your quality of sleep – such as difficulty in breathing, dizziness, increased heart rate and sweating.

Knowing how much CO2 there is in your room and managing it will result in better sleep – and we all know sleep is incredibly important to your health.

The scales are not yet available, but according to the website they are coming soon. Sign up to be notified so you can get them first.

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