Withings Pulse

Withings move into activity tracking with device capable of measuring heart rate

Yet another heart rate monitoring activity tracker – and this time by the well-known company Withings, which most quantified self fans will know for their WiFi scales.

The new device, the ‘Smart Activity Tracker’ can be placed in the pocket, worn on an arm band or clipped to the belt. It tracks; steps, stairs, distance, calories, heart rate and sleep quality. Update: Withings have now named the device the ‘Pulse’.

It weighs just 8 grams, syncs via Bluetooth and makes the Withings dashboard and product range so much stronger.

But unlike other heart rate monitors recently released, tracking yours with the Smart Activity Tracker is a manual process and requires you to press your finger to a sensor on the back.

While this will save battery and makes it more attractive than the FitBit, automated tracking is the Holy Grail and something like the BodyMedia Core 2 device may be better suited to more hard core quantified selfers.

Saying that, the Withings range of products is impressive. They have a great dashboard where each device plugs in and also have an open API for you to plug in to other tools.

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