Mio Alpha

Monitor your heart rate without the chest strap with Mio Alpha sports watch

The saying goes that if you wait long enough for a bus, three will end up coming at once. Well it seems the same rings true for heart rate monitors.

After a long wait for monitors that require no chest strap, yet are capable of continuous heart rate monitoring, we’ve seen a host of new products come to light (thanks to CES mostly) that do exactly just that.

The latest sports watch offering continuous heart rate monitoring is the Mio Alpha.

Much like the BASIS activity tracker we’ve been looking forward to, the Mio Alpha measures heart rate using light, unlike the electrodes we are currently used to (the Core 2 by BodyMedia however has gone down the traditional route with dry electrodes on their device).

What does this mean for those measuring their fitness levels? Well, you’re more likely to wear the Mio Alpha all the time as a normal watch, but you’re not so likely to wear your traditional heart rate strap constantly. So if you find yourself in a spot of spontaneous sporting activity, no problem – you’ll still be able to monitor your heart rate.

The Mio Alpha is available now in the US for $200. We’ll keep this post updated for when it become available in the UK.

Update: The Mio Alpha is now available in the UK, for £149.95. Order here.

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