Wikilife – a body data dashboard for social good [Ignite]

A recent post on One More Life Hack has prompted a lot of discussion.

My thoughts from a session at UK GovCamp on the quantified self, about how we should be sharing our self quantified data to benefit others, has been a hot topic, with some agreeing completely and others afraid of giving away their data.

But it is in no way a new topic it turns out. Digital health enthusiast and entrepreneur, Daniel Nofal, has been doing something about this for over 2 years now, in the form of Wikilife.

Wikilife is a dashboard which brings together your tracked data. It allows you to see information from the various devices you use and see which affects the other. But the main point of Wikilife is to combine data from all the users, and make it open source, for the benefit of global health.

Watch Daniel’s recent Ignite presentation for an introduction to Wikilife.

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