Personalised meal plans with Nutrino iPhone app

Nutrino is a new ‘virtual nutritionist’ app which provide users with healthy daily meal recommendations that are personalised to them and can be purchased from supermarkets which connect with the app.

To make the recommendations, first you must fill out a short questionnaire, asking about your personal information, goals, habits, preferences, and taste – you want to eat food you like after all.

You are then given individual meal suggestions and daily plans which can even be added to a grocery list which hooks up with supermarkets so you can purchase the ingredients there and then. Although if you really bought every ingredient it would be expensive, so we see the app as more of a guide.

The benefits of the app include:

[list][item icon=”10003″ ]Nutritional information displayed for each meal[/item][item icon=”10003″ ]Integrates with supermarkets[/item][item icon=”10003″ ]Personalised to taste[/item][item icon=”10003″ ]Integrates with Withings weight tracking[/item][/list]

Nutrino was created because Jonathan Lipnik, CEO and co-founder, Nutrino was tired of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to nutrition. “We believe nutrition should be personal to each individual,” says Jonathan, “people are using lots of different apps and gadgets to track their diet or fitness but there is nothing out there that delivers recommendations that are personalised to each of us.”

It’s a nice app and simple to use. Currently the recommendations are quite few and it will take dedication to stick too, it would certainly benefit from a ‘quick meals’ section for people with little time to cook, but equally interested in eating nutritional meals. It is worth a try to see if it works for you, so download the app – it’s free – and see if it works for you.

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