Using Health Vault as a quantified self dashboard

Last week I was set the task of using Microsoft’s Health Vault application to keep track of my activity, food intake and weight / blood pressure.

Health Vault has been around for quite some time now and is a great tool fro bringing all of your body data together. But it isn’t just aimed as quantified self geeks, I found that it is just as useful for families to keep their medical data and for people with chronic conditions that need to be tracked heavily.

The major benefit of Health Vault is that the information can be shared with others – whether that is friends, family or your doctor and the emergency services. It also allows you to add a lot of detail; the medication you take, your allergies, your medical history, even x-rays and plenty more.

I blogged my findings throughout the week on the MSDN UK Health Blog, so head over to read up on the week, here are the links to each day’s post:

Also check out the video I featured in, which shows how I used Health Vault and the devices on an average day. Just click the image above to play.

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