8 startup incubators to watch in the digital health space

Keeping abreast of the digital health industry is fascinating and often tricky to do, since the industry is growing at a rapid pace, with new startups and technologies introduced all the time.

We are currently going through a boom is the healthcare space, and for those who do want to find out about the newest players in the game, keeping tabs on the following healthtech incubators is a good place to start…

1. Nike+ Accelerator

The Nike+ Accelerator is powered by TechStars. It is set up to allow companies to leverage the Nike+ platform, and NikeFuel, to build offerings that inspire people to be even more active, using the Nike ecosystem. Great for those using the device.

2. Janssen Labs

Janssen Labs is a  Johnson & Johnson incubator, so you can be sure they have plenty of capital to offer startups. They are focused on healthcare in general, however biohacking is a big movement for startups which should create some interesting output.

3. DreamIt Health

DreamIt Health isn’t just about helping healthcare startups grow at a rapid rate, but it also aims to identify new business models. This is certainly interesting to keep an eye on, since the healthcare business model has been ‘spend plenty’ for quite some time.

4. Rock Health

Rock Health is the first seed accelerator for digital health startups. Their focus is on matching entrepreneurs with expert mentors to guide them towards creating innovative products. Success stories include Cardiio, Healthy Labs and Wello.

5. Startup Health

StartUp Health’s big focus is on education, it describes itself as part-community, part-academy. Access to capital is of course a bonus. Companies that are part of the network include Greatist and Basis.

[Update] It’s not exactly an incubator, but certainly worth watching to see what startups appear out of the educational network. See Brian’s comment below for more information.

6. Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health claims to have the largest network of mentors with healthcare expertise of any accelerator and co-working space. Using this large network, they pair budding entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are experts in healthcare.

7. Entrepreneurship Lab

Bio & Health Tech Entrepreneurship Lab NYC is a 6-month training and mentorship program that provides support to graduate students of science, post-docs, early-career researchers and engineers interested in forming new biotech and health tech ventures.

8. Healthbox

Healthbox’s aim is to identify high-potential healthcare technology startups that address meaningful industry challenges. They have a long list of success stories already, after only launching in January 2012.

There are many more incubators I may have missed, so please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below. The great thing is, these 8 companies will, in time, give birth to hundreds of digital health startups over time – very exciting!

[Update] In the comments below, Kristin kindly pointed me towards the new launched Infuse Digital Health Accelerator. Visit here to find out more. Have I missed any others? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. SS

    Definitely think Practice Fusion is someone to watch in the digital health space. They’re a front runner in the Electronic Medical Record world with their free web-based platform.

  2. Alex Fair

    In New York

    The Digital Health Accelerator from the New York eHealthcare Collaborative

    WeMultiply, a New Health specific accelerator

    Cincinnatti has Innov8forHealth led by Sunnie Southern

    I would also put forth our healthcare crowdfunding platform, Our preparation, strategic guidance, amrket planning, mentor network, partner matching, investor introductions, events, and online fund raising have helped companies raise over 8 M in our first year and develop over 50 partnerships, better stats than most accelerators.

    Just Sayin’

    Good article. Thanks.

  3. Brian Edwards

    Startup Health does not give their companies access to capital and is NOT an incubator. I don’t think the term incubator/accelerator should apply to groups that do not provide some cash in exchange for the equity they receive, nor do I think any startup founder should apply to such programs. Receiving equity without making a cash investment, even if relatively small (YCombinator only gives $16K + $4K for each founder), is not a reasonable arrangement for any startup and I think it will prove unsustainable.

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