Great IFTTT.com recipes for your Jawbone UP

One of the best features of the Jawbone UP is that it works with IFTTT.com (if this, then that).

This allows you to set up a whole host of different ways to update your Jawbone UP community, remind you to do things within the app or with the device, or even send data from your UP device, to other services. It is a feature that is sorely  missing with the FitBit and Nike Fuelband.

Here is a rundown of the triggers you can use with IFTTT.com for your Jawbone UP:

  • New daily movement
  • Steps above
  • New sleep
  • Sleep duration above
  • Sleep duration below
  • New mood
  • New meal
  • New workout
  • No new workout in _ days

And here are the actions you can create:

  • Log an event
  • Log a mood
  • Log a meal
  • Log your weight

This is an incredibly powerful tool. While the API for Jawbone allows you to sync with other devices, such as the Withings WiFi scales, it means you can go one step further and start logging to any other service supported by IFTTT.com – App.net, Diigo, Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, SMS, phone calls, and plenty more.

Imagine, you could set it up so you receive a judgemental phone call should you not reach your targets for an entire week!

You can set up your Jawbone UP to sync with all these services and more at IFTTT.com. But first, here is some inspiration with recipes other users have already created:

Meals >> Google Spreadsheet

Log meals and their nutritional content into a Google spreadsheet

Use this recipe

Foursquare gym checkins >> UP feed

Share Foursquare gym check-ins to your Jawbone UP feed

Use this recipe

Auto log lunch

Automatically log lunch at X time everyday as a reminder fill in later

Use this recipe

Withings >> UP

Log your weight from Withings to Jawbone UP (this is a popular recipe, however you can set up Withings to sync with your UP in the app)

Use this recipe

No workouts >> Tell Facebook

Tell your friends when you haven’t worked out for a week

Use this recipe

No sleep >> Tell your partner

Send your spouse a friendly email when you get below 7 hours of sleep

Use this recipe

Head over to IFTTT.com now to get your recipes set up and automate your Jawbone UP tracking!

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