Great IFTTT.com recipes for your Withings WiFi scales

We recently featured some great IFTTT.com (if this, then that) recipes for the Jawbone UP. But the UP is not the only fitness device out there that connects to the IFTTT.com service, all of your Withings devices do too.

With IFTTT.com you can use the following triggers to create an action from your Withings devices:

[list][item icon=”9881″ ]New body scale measurement[/item][item icon=”9881″ ]Weight measurement drops below[/item][item icon=”9881″ ]New blood pressure monitor measurement[/item][/list]

There are no actions, but that doesn’t matter so much, because you can still create some great recipes with your Withings devices and IFTTT.com. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

Weight >> Google Calendar

Record all of your weight measurements to your Google Calendar.

Use this recipe

Weigh in >> Make coffee

Using the WeMo switch connected device, turn on your coffee machine after weighing in each morning.

Use this recipe

Body measurements >> Google Drive

Track all body measurements in a Google Drive spreadsheet. Own your data.

Use this recipe

Blood pressure >> Evernote

Not a Google Drive person? Use Evernote instead. This recipe amends a note with all blood pressure measurements – easily hack this recipe to track body measurements too.

Use this recipe

Weight goal reached >> Blink green

Using the Blink(1) device, blink green when you reach your target weight.

Use this recipe

Weight drops >> Tell Twitter

Why keep it a secret? Tell the world when you reach your weight goal. Well done!

Use this recipe

Head over to IFTTT.com now to get your recipes set up and automate your Withings tracking!

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