4 awesome apps for cyclists

Cycling computers used to the be the tool of choice for anyone wanting to track their ride. They range from as little as £5 to a whopping few hundred pounds for a GPS all terrain model. But with the proliferation of smartphones, what’s the point?

Your phone can become a GPS tracker, map route finder, maintenance assistant and even bike finder for anyone looking for a Boris Bike. So save yourself some pennies by using these awesome apps for cycling.

Bike Hub

An app that ensures you find the best routes for cycling, no matter where you want to go. With this bicycle specific sat nav, you will find the quietest, least busy and fastest routes for your journey. Plus, with bike shop locations highlighted along your route, you’ll know you’re in safe hands in case on emergency maintenance.

Download Bike Hub

Bike Doctor

The app from London’s top cycling blogger, Andreas Kambanis. If you are new to cycling or not too knowledgeable when it comes to bike maintenance and basic checks then this is the app for you. With simple step by step guides for every area of the bike you may be having issues with, it is a perfect reference point and handy on the go.

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Barclay’s Bikes

A superb app for anyone who uses Boris Bikes. The app will tell you where the nearest cycle bank is, how many bikes are there and how many parking spaces are left. You can even find a route from A to B which handily shows you how many bikes are at both locations as you set off. A must have for London cyclists.

Download Barclay’s Bikes

Strava Cycling

The app to replace your cycling computer. Using GPS, Strava tracks cycle duration, average speed, speed at various intervals and the route you take. You can see friends on the network too and take part in challenges such as cycle 30 hours in 16 days or similar. A beautiful app and useful for anyone wanting to record their rides.

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