4 great iPhone apps to help you get fit this summer

The warm weather has finally arrived and now is the time to get outside and work on your tan. If you lost your way with your exercise regime in anticipation of the summer (I know I have) then why not try out these 4 iPhone apps to health you get fit just in time for your summer holiday.

You Are Your Own Gym

Why join a gym when you can get all the exercise you need wherever you are, with just your bodyweight. This app shows you the correct techniques to get the definition you want through just using your own body and basic tools (i.e. chairs, towels). Sign up to a 10 step programme to quantify your workouts and keep motivated.

Download Your Are Your Own Gym


Not just a runner, cyclist or gym rat? Maybe you ski, rock climb or fence. This app covers all bases – any sport you do, it probably tracks it. Simply tell it the sport you are doing and hit play to start recording the time and GPS movement. You can plug in your heart rate monitor too and see calories burned information. It’s social too, so compete with friends!

Download Endomondo

Runtastic Pro

Pure runner? You could use Endomondo or even Runtastic’s free version – but if you want to get serious with your running then Runtastic Pro is the best running app around. With voice coaches (in 5 languages), live tracking (so friends can cheer you along and send messages while you run), various workout plans and a music player with power song, you’ll be looking forward all day to your next run.

Download Runtastic Pro

100 Pushups

Find pushups difficult? Can’t get past 10? Try 100. This will get you doing 100 pushups (and more in fact) in one session by the end of it. The programme starts you off slowly with just 12, split up into sets so it doesn’t feel so bad, but by week 6 you’ll be able to complete 60 in one go and do a total of 274 split into sets. Start the challenge today with the original 100 Pushups app.

Download 100 Pushups

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