Narrato reinvents the way you keep a journal – with a quantified self twist

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A new lifelogging app has launched today and it comes with a quantified self twist. Narrato Journal, an iOS app, gives users the ability to log their life by plugging in a range of popular social media and quantified self technologies.

Narrato betters more traditional journal apps, such as Day One, by pulling in information from elsewhere, reducing the time spent entering your thoughts (you might have already shared them on Twitter, or said where you were on Foursquare) and semi-automating the whole process – and I love automation!

Currently the app plugs into Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram, but when chatting to the app’s founder, Tony Million, I was delighted to see more services coming soon, most exciting of which is Moves.

We have big goals at Narrato to bring a simple way to log and manage all your personal data. By having all your data in one place it can be made more useful and you can learn from it, like how to be more productive, sleep better or when you are most active.

 – Tony Million, Narrato founder

Once the API is out, the sky is the limit. Tony explained how they are creating a schema database where developers highlight how their translation of data works. By understand how one developer reads into mood and comparing to another, you can create a standardised template – thus making learnings possible from third party services and apps that would have simply conflicted before.

Possibly my favourite feature is insights cards. I’m used to these from the Jawbone UP app, which pulls in quite a bit of data itself, but with the possibility of bringing in UP data, plus much, much more, Narrato insights could tell you a hell of a lot, answering questions such as “am I happier when I exercise?”, or “how much sleep do I need in order to be the most productive?” Now that I’d love to know.

The app also benefits from complete functionality offline, understanding that sometimes when you want to write your thoughts down, its likely to be in a place missing WiFi. The app simply syncs when it connects again. With its own cloud sync too, all data is secure and available even if your phone is lost or stolen.

Security and quality comes at a price. But not much; at £2.50 a year subscription the app is an easy purchase to make and helps keep it ad-free while supporting the developers create a great quality app. And for unlimited storage – its a steal (imagine all those photos!)

The app launched today, so be the first to get it! Download it here.

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