Hacking blood sugar levels at work with Graze snack boxes

Eating healthy at work can be quite the chore. The first challenge is breakfast – you must eat this! Fail and you are likely to snack continuously throughout the day, craving sugar.

The next challenge are the snacks. Offices are either full of plenty of cakes, biscuits and unhealthy treats brought in by coworkers, but severely lacking in anything to keep the hunger at bay in a health way.

The final challenge is the length of the day and our 3 meals per day eating habit. This can sometimes lead to 3 peaks in blood sugar levels, which may then be followed by severe drops. As the following graph shows, this is not ideal:


So how can you combat this? Through snacking. Yes, snacking! You are now allowed to snack. But just be healthy.

I’ve always been a fan of for work snacks. The service posts a snack box to you on a regular basis. You could get a box of treats daily, weekly, monthly, every two days… whenever you want. And all delivered to work, so it is handy too.

The boxes contain 4 compartments of treats, all selected based on what you like and what your goals are – whether that is energy boosts, low calories or something nice and sweet.

The idea is that through regular snacking, on healthy treats, your blood sugar levels stay stable, preventing fat storage (which takes place both when there is too much to too little blood sugar).

So why not ry out Graze today with a free box? Visit through this link to claim it today.

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