New FitBit device, FitBit Force, is everything Flex should have been (and it shows the time too)

Yesterday, FitBit announced the arrival of a brand new wrist worn FitBit device, the FitBit Force.

Only months after the UK was finally treated to the introduction of their first wrist worn device – the FitBit Flex (see our full review here) – the UK is once again being left behind with the Force being only available in the US and no word on when it will be hitting our shores.

But let’s not be all negative. Let’s take a look at what the FitBit Force offers.

Available in two colours, black and slate, and in two sizes (both of which are adjustable) the Force differs very little to the Flex. The main difference being a slightly wider, yet slimmer shape and the improved display which include a clock and more information than the Flex. Think FitBit One style information.

The Force does track a little more than the Flex. Steps, distance, activity and calories are track, but in addition the Force also includes a clock and can track elevation. Essentially it is what the Flex should have been and brings back features we’ve missed since from the FitBit One.

With the Force you get full access to FitBit’s online service (although, as always, do bear in mind FitBit will charge you £40 a year if you want to download your data) and the device syncs wirelessly through Bluetooth to your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device.

An extra highlight of the Force is that it is now matching the Jawbone UP on battery life (read our UP review here). The Flex offered a battery life of less than a week, at 5 days, however the Force promised a battery life of 7-10 days, matching the UP and making it a far more viable option. It will also save up to 30 days worth of data if you can’t sync for a while.

The FitBit Force looks like a great device, the only downside being that it isn’t available yet in the UK and still no word on when that may be. However, judging by the US pricing, we’re expecting the Force to be £100 and most likely available in early 2014.

Let us know what you think of the Force in the comments below and keep checking back for updates.

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