Adidas to launch high end smartwatch for runners – miCoach SMART RUN

While the definition of a smartwatch may be up for debate, we’re going to run with this one. Adidas have announced that they will be launching a smartwatch, specifically for runners, in November.

Following the FitBit Force announcement and the upgrade to Nike’s Fuelband, Adidas have today announced the miCoach SMART RUN – a smartwatch for runners, that includes a heart rate sensor, using light technology so that no chest strap is required.

The device is costly, but it is much more than what the FitBit or FuelBand are offering, thanks to the features including the ability to track runs using GPS mapping, monitor heart rate off your wrist, listen to music without wires, using Bluetooth headphones and get real-time coaching.

SMART RUN has a 1.45″ color touch screen display (with gorilla glass), runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1, has a 14 day battery life in watch mode, 8 hour in marathon mode and 4 hours in training mode, has 4GB of storage for your music and weighs 80 grams.

By combining the latest innovations, such as the Mio Wrist Based Continuous Heart Rate Technology, design and ease of use navigation, we consciously broke the template that defines other running watches… [SMART WATCH] is fully integrated with our web platform so training plans, completed workouts and settings are synced seamlessly over WLAN.

– Simon Drabble, Director of miCoach

The miCoach system is founded on the interval training concept, providing guidance to the wearer in various forms, including; vibration, through the touch screen display and, if you are using a Bluetooth headset, the coach will provide audio instructions.

The device also includes over 400 anatomically correct animations of various of workouts and plans, for assistance with other forms of exercise, since you’ll likely be doing more than just running. The animations play right on the watch helping to guide you correctly through each repetition and circuit.

It may not be low cost enough to reach a mainstream user base, nor does it track like a BodyMedia device does, however, for runners, and fans of GPS watches, it looks to be a great devices with the perfect features required for serious training.

miCoach SMART RUN will be available November 01 and will cost €399.00 (around £340). Check out the video below for a full 360 degree look at the device.

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