Nike+ receives an upgrade with FuelBand SE, Fuel Lab and FuelBand app

Hot on the heals of FitBit, who launched the FitBit Force last week, Nike has announced a whole load of innovations, including an upgraded FuelBand, companion app and new Labs programme.

Nike+ FuelBand SE

The new FuelBand SE sees a slight update in look, with the addition of colour accents – with a choice of 4 colours. The main upgrade is on the inside, with the Fuel algorithm updated based on analysing aggregated data over the past year.

Bluetooth is now included as a feature, allowing the device to connect with the new FuelBand app. New hardware also includes a more flexible circuit board and improved water resistance (it will be fine in the shower).

An additional, basic and yet quite important, feature has also been added – a clock. Your FuelBand SE will now tell the time as well as track your activity. It isn’t quite smart watch material, but it means you’ll no longer need to wear a watch as well.

Nike+ FuelBand App

There has always been an app for your FuelBand, but enough additions have been made to warrant this as a decent refresh. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Win the Hour

By tracking how much movement is accumulated at each hour throughout the day, the app will promp you to move if not on track to achieve your goal. But when goals are hit, you will be notified that you’ve just won the hour.

Fuel Rate

Fuel rate is a new feature that tracks the rate at which NikeFuel is being earned, measured as NikeFuel earned per minute. It helps you see the intensity of your movement and uses colours from red to green to simply indicate how you’re doing.


You can now join friends in a group and share your latest achievements, cheer each other on and even work together towards one common group goal.


New milestones have been added and a host of new achievements too. You can now earn achievements not just for your NikeFuel total, but also for sessions, fuel rate, streaks, and hours won.

Fuel Lab

Nike as intriduced a brand new acceleator programme for digital health startups with an already existing offering. Ten partner companies will be selected and given the tools, resources and support needed to launch an optimized NikeFuel integration by the end of the program.

Each team will receive $50,000 per team, the Nike+ and NikeFuel APIs & SDKs, a work space in San Francisco, access to Nike executives, mentors and developers, as well as the opportunity to have Nike promote and showcase the product.

It looks like Nike is serious about digital health and are leading the way, in terms of sports companies, in making the quantified self movement, for health at least, a mainstream phenomenon.

The Nike+ FuelBand SE is available for pre-order in the UK now, for £129, and will arrive by November 06. You can also get the Nike+ FuelBand app here and find out more about Fuel Lab here.

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