Running apps will soon plug into the gym treadmill

Running apps are great, but unless they have a step counter (something we’ll be seeing more of thanks to the M7 chip in the iPhone 5s) they will be unable to include a run that takes place on a gym treadmill.

That is why companies that make gym equipment are now looking to work with app makes to ensure their treadmills work in tandem, so that the gym is still a desirable place to workout in.

Life Fitness is one of the companies leading the way here. In a recent webinar by the company, they discussed their open API for app developers to use to integrate apps to their gym based fitness machines. Initial partners include Lose It! and Runtastic.

Technogym, too, are working to integrate apps into their equipment, with the recent announcement that they are working with Apple and Nike to integrate Nike+ iPod into their machines.

And it isn’t just treadmills too. Both companies are allowing developers to connect to more machines in the gym and create app based experiences, and quality tracking, for the user that makes the gym (once again) a great place for the quantified self fitness geek.

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