Fitly and Narrato among the first to use iPhone 5s M7 chip

The new M7 chip in the iPhone 5s was the ‘one more thing’ moment of Apple’s latest smartphone launch, but until recently we hadn’t seen too many apps take advantage of it. Only Nike had been given previous access and we are still awaiting their Move app.

That was until recently of course, with Strava Run implementing the M7 chip first. Now, in the space of less than a week, M7 powered apps include Fitly and Narrato (which will still work with other iPhone models using non-M7 powered Moves app).

Fitly is a simple step counter that uses Game Center to create a challenge between friends, seeing who can earn the most ‘health points’. Narrato is a life logging app that can pull in information from various sources, but can now also tell your activity levels for the day too.

Both Fitly and Narrato are free, so try them today: Narrato | Fitly

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