Put snoring remedies to the test with SnoreLab

Snoring may be annoying for the person you sleep next to; or for other people living in your home. However, the issue of snoring is much bigger, as it can be an indicator of serious health issues.

If snoring worsens, it can lead to obstructive sleep apnoea which puts a person at risk of a high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, obesity and even type 2 diabetes.

As 40% of the UK population snore, you may either want to find a solution for yourself, or someone you live with. Remedies may include nasal strips, nasal dilators, chin strips, vestibular shields, and plenty more. But which one works for you?

Using the app SnoreLab, you can find out exactly what works best. The app monitors sound waves during your sleep and identifies when you snore. It then provides you with a ‘snore score’ helping you track your levels of snoring over time.

With the ability to tell the app what remedy you used that night, you can identify which works best for you. With just under 500,000 nights analysed so far, the app is likely to be getting useful aggregate data too, which could benefit research greatly.

The app is available on iPhone for £1.99. Get it here.

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