It’s not just Google that are creating smart glasses: Epson Moverio at Droidcon 2013

Last Friday I was invited to Droidcon 2013 to check out what Epson are doing in the smart glasses arena. They’ve already got a pair on the market, the Epson Moverio BT-100. But on show were prototypes of the next version, which includes sensors to track movement and make them much more ‘smart’.

Now, these are no Google Glass. You can see from the size that they will not be the kind of smart glasses you wear out and about. However, in the home, for watching 3D content, playing Android based games that use your movement and vision, and for other, perhaps even military uses, they make sense.

I say military, since one of the demonstrations highlighted how the Moverio is capable of tracking planes, in air, and showing data on screen, using a HUD. This, if implemented in pilots visors, is an exciting step forward, as well as just being very cool.

The limits, beyond the size of the Epson Moverio, are determined by how many developers get on board. As mentioned, the glasses use an Android operating system, and use apps just like a mobile phone would. There will be games and video apps, but imagine apps for hospitals (displaying medical data during surgery perhaps) or maybe even casinos (helping dealers identify cheats).

There is plenty of opportunity here. Perhaps more for business than for the average person, unless you’re a big gadget geek. They are fun and work well, so if you’d like to find out more, visit their site here.

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