What we’re looking forward to at Health 2.0

Health 2.0 Conference isn’t too far away now. The event kicks off on November 17 and looks to be packed with great speakers, talking about digital health, the quantified self and what the future looks like in healthcare.

We’ll be attending the event and live blogging throughout. Here are the just a few of the sessions we are looking forward to:

  • Keynote: From big to smart and open – just how we like data! Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patients and Information in the NHS 
  • Unconference: Improving Collaboration Between Pharma and Health care Professionals Felix Jackson, Founder of medDigital
  • NHS Compass – essential keys to navigating the largest health care provider in the world Alex Abbot, CTO, NHS, and Beverley Bryant, Director of Strategic Systems and Technology, NHS
  • Sensors & Tracking: Quantifying the Self & Listening to Your Body David Plans, Co-Founder & VP of Product at BioBeats, and Yuri van Geest, Co-founder of Quantified Self Europe & Amsterdam
  • Financing Health 2.0: Who’s Stepping Up? Beverley Bryant, Director of Strategic Systems and Technology, NHS, Marco Mohwinckel, Partner Janssen Healthcare Innovation (Johnson & Johnson), Martin Kelly, Partner IBM Venture Capital Group, Vishal Gulati, Managing Director Radiant Capital, and Andres Martin Diana, Head of Digital Strategic Planning, BUPA. 

If you’re going to Health 2.0 Conference, get in touch! If you don’t have a ticket, they are still available here. And if you can’t make it, tune in for the live blog.

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  1. Abubaqar

    To me, a smart watch is one that tells me the correct time. Anything else is worshlets. The same as it is with mobile phones; it needs to make/receive phone calls; any other function is unnecessary.

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