Health 2.0 Europe – pre-event session on elderly healthcare

Today is the first day of Health 2.0 Europe – the annual conference for digital health experts, fanatics and companies. We’ll be writing up what went on during day one on the blog later today; for now you can follow us on Twitter for live updates.

Yesterday, Health 2.0 Europe kicked off with a pre-event session on using Health 2.0 for the elderly. We didn’t make it to the event, but the organiser, Maneesh Juneja, has posted a great write up on his blog, which I recommend you check out. Here are his key learning from the event:

  1. You can be successful at a global level without being based in Silicon Valley
  2. The importance of ‘science driven’ health startups
  3. Many startups in this arena are founded by people who have cared for an elderly relative
  4. We can’t just treat older people as one big cohort and assume they all have the same needs
  5. Underlying technology doesn’t need to be complex to be effective
  6. How can innovators & investors make money after developing these technologies?
  7. Who is actually going to pay for the innovation?

Click here to read Maneesh’s full blog.

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