Teddy the Guardian is super cute (and also checks vital signs of children’s health)

For children, visiting the doctors or a hospital can be a stressful occasion. The sterile environment is nothing like home and the doctor’s stethoscope can be extremely cold! So to make these trips more comforting for children, two Croatian entrepreneurs have created a digital health teddy bear.

Teddy the Guardian is a cute, soft and cuddly bear, but he isn’t your average plush toy. In fact, he is more medical instrument than toy. Inside, the teddy is packed with sensors to track the vital signs of the child who is playing with him.

Certified medical sensors inside the bear check the child’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, and body temperature. It is designed so that the sensors are placed where a child will naturally handle the teddy, with sensors in the paw and forehead.

This means no more cold stethoscopes, and only playtime for the child. In fact one of the key reasons for the creation of Teddy the Guardian is exactly this, because when a child is stressed, their vital signs may not be at normal levels. So the teddy makes sure the child is happy and calm.

The tracked data is sent to a mobile app which can be used by both medical staff and parents. It provides visualisations to help make the data understandable to everyone, but the raw data may also be downloaded for the paediatricians. By tracking the vital signs over time, it is possible to see the health of a child improve, or to flag issues earlier on than you would normally.

Teddy the Guardian is fully developed and now going through the manufacturing process, but is available for pre-order now, on their website, for €169.

We first saw Teddy the Guardian at Health 2.0 Europe. Read about the other great startups we saw in our Day 1 and Day 2 blog posts. 

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