Welcome to our new look as we become Pixel Health

When I first started this blog in 2012, it was because of a passion for the quantified self movement, combined with a geeky obsession with life hacks. I saw the quantified self as being just one more life hack, but I could not have foreseen how important it would become in terms of healthcare.

Healthcare is the most impressive area for which the quantified self can help grow. The devices and systems being created to help people quantify their own body and mind, be it activity, recovery from illness, mood or even just mapping your own genome (as you do), are driving healthcare forward into a new era of a patient focused approach.

It is the digital health revolution, and patients are becoming more empowered than ever. They no longer rely on data from healthcare providers, but create their own with the affordable tools they can access – which is often as simple as downloading an app. The medical industry is responding, opening data for all. But it is slow, and there’s going to be a lot to talk about on the way.

So join us in this new chapter of the website, where we will be following the digital health journey, marking our new health-led editorial focus with a brand new name and great new look. And if you want to help document the journey too, then please get in touch about writing for us.

Welcome to Pixel Health.

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