Sense Mother looks after you and your home with Cookies

Mother-and-CookiesThe Internet of Things and Digital Health have merged in the best way possible with Sense Mother and Cookies. These are a package of devices that allow you to monitor various activities and see them in one central place.

Sense Mother is the hub of Sense’s connected devices, with all sensors sending information to Mother which in turn sends the data to the cloud. Cookies are small motion sensors that can be affixed to almost anything and will detect and understand the movements of objects and people.

The possible uses of Cookies seem near endless. Some examples provided by Sense include; wearing a cookie to monitor activity, attaching to your pills to check you’ve taken them, putting in the bed to monitor sleep, attaching to keys to know who in your family is home, attaching to doors and windows to know if someone breaks in, attaching to a toothbrush to check you’re brushing often enough, attaching to a water bottle to check you’re drinking enough and even placing in a child’s bedroom to check temperature.

Each Cookie can be assigned a task, but can also be reprogrammed to check something else, should your needs change. You can imagine tracking all the devices is a chore in itself, but with a Flipboard-like dashboard, the Senseboard, it appears to be incredibly simple to check the different tasks you set Mother to track.

I’m extremely excited by this offering, as a fan of services such as I can foresee so many different uses of the system. Sense Mother and Cookies are available in the UK now to pre-order, with a starter pack (Mother + 4 Cookies) costing £166. Visit their website to order and for more information.

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