Kolibree smart toothbrush launched at CES 2014

A problem with tracking something like brushing your teeth is that, traditionally, you would have to input into an app to confirm you have brushed. As time goes on, people forget to log their actions and the data become useless. A new company aims to solve this.

Kolibree is the first connected tooth brush and was announced at CES last week. Some saw it as this year’s Hapifork, but I find it much more interesting and useful than the connected fork. Brushing your teeth is essential to good health and anything that can track your brushing habits and provide feedback is good in my book.

In a similar way to Withings WiFi scales, you simply need to use the device and little more. The smart toothbrush logs each time you use it and for how long. In fact, it even goes one step further and analyses which areas of your mouth you are working on the most, and which areas need a little more love.

The Kolibree connects to your phone via Bluetooth, where an app displays the data and recommendations on your brushing habits. And yes, you can earn badges for good behaviour.

Kolibree isn’t available just yet, but you can sign up to be notified when it is, via their website.

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