LG launches Lifeband Touch activity tracker & heart rate monitor earphones

LG have entered the digital health wearables market with an activity tracker band and heart rate monitor earphones that work together in unison through a mobile app.

While anyone and everyone seems to be releasing wearable devices right now, LG’s offering is quite interesting as it includes a user friendly method for heart rate tracking – something that is vital to improving the data we receive from our bodies.

The wrist-worn activity tracker, the Lifeband Touch, looks a lot like Nike’s Fuelband, and tracks largely the same data (distance, speed, number of steps, calories consumed and projected pace) but by also providing phone notifications and the ability to control music, it begins to cross the bored into smart watch territory.

The heart rate monitor earphones use PerformTek’s sensor technology to track blood flow signals from the auricle, the external part of the ear to capture accurate biometric data such as heart rate and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max). And they play music too, so wearing them should integrate smoothly into your everyday life.

Both devices are not yet available, however pricing is set to be around $180 per device, meaning the full set is likely to cost £220+ in the UK.

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