Google Contact Lens

Google contact lens will monitor glucose levels

Google have announced yet another health tech innovation, this time in the form of a smart contact lens. While at first you might get your hopes up for a Google Glass type product, it is actually much more valuable and important than that. The Google contact lens is going to change the lives of people living with diabetes.

Diabetes, as you know, requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and scientists have been working on ways to do this through tears. The benefit of measuring glucose levels through tears is obvious, as you’d no longer need to prick your finger throughout the day.

Google’s solution is the smart contact lens; a clear lens with a tiny wireless chip that will continuously monitor glucose levels throughout the day; each second in fact. It will even give warnings in the form of a light, which is going to be hard to miss since it’s sitting right on top of your eye. Plus, it will look very Terminator – which we think is just awesome.

The product is still in development, but Google do have a working prototype and are talking to the FDA. So let’s hope this technology will be out soon.

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