Smart pill bottle aims to improve adherence

One of the biggest problems in healthcare is adherence. Even when people know what is wrong with them, and doctors prescribe drugs to help them get better, something as simple as people’s memory, or willingness to stick to a programme, can get in the way.

Of course, for some, adherence is a problem because drugs can be so confusing. Imagine having to take 5 different pills a day, some with a meal, some without, some multiple times a day, some once, some orally, some… an alternative way. It’s difficult.

That’s where AdhereTech come in. They’ve created a smart pill bottle which tracks when people are taking their pills, and sends alerts if they forget; starting with ambient lights before sounding an alarm and even texting/phoning the person.

The company is currently working with and focusing on hospitals and universities, but a consumer product is in the works.

And here is a thought. How about the NHS and other medical institutions offer the device for free, to anyone prescribed drugs. The patient benefits from he handy tool, while the adherence data could be used in research to measure, with incredible accuracy, the impact of adherence on specific drugs and therapies.

Find out more about AdhereTech on their website here.

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