Watch this guy give up food for 30 days, replacing it with Soylent

To live, you need food and water. One of these is so easy to get hold of, it just comes out of a tap in your home. So why not the other. That’s where the future may be heading.

Soylent is a food replacement, but not like those you’d use on diets like SlimFast or the supplements you take at the gym. Soylent exists to replace food completely, forever.

With the world population growing at such a rapid rate, and demand for food increasing beyond what is physically possible, Soylent comes from a worthy cause. But is it sustainable? And is it even healthy?

Watch the video above to see one guy live off Soylent for 30 days straight, to find out exactly what it does to the body and whether it is a sustainable way of getting food.

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