A personal trainer’s guide to fitness apps

As a fitness expert, it is vital for the benefit of my clients goals that they consistently exercise and eat healthy. They may see me once or twice a week but for the rest of the week they need to stay focused. Having a set of objectives and tasks in front of them is a key to keeping that determination going.

Fitness tracking apps are growing and growing and being developed on every platform. Apps have been produced to keep track of your nutritional habits, your training routines, timers and workout ideas.

Fitness apps could never replace the benefits of having a personal trainer. An app couldn’t tell you if you are performing a move correctly or to your full potential. A personal trainer would be able to explain your progress, what you are doing and your plans ahead. Unfortunately, with an app, you have to understand what it is telling you and you can’t feedback to it.

However, there are some major benefits of using the app, here are some:

  • You can keep track on your progress. If it is running, many apps have a GPS system to track your mileage. If you are looking to build strength, the app will keep record of what you have done and how far you have come.
  • Get workout ideas when you want and for free. Most apps are free and contain workouts that will inspire you. You don’t even have to be a gym member, home training ideas are often given with detail pictures and descriptions on how to perform the exercises.
  • Monitor your eating habits. Apps provide you with charts and food requirements that should be contained within your daily eating plan. The app will be able to provide you with calorie intakes of what you should have and what you are having, with a breakdown of all the macro-nutrients you are taking in.

Strength training

iMuscle2 – My personal favourite app is incredibly detailed. You can break down the body to the areas you want to work and the app will provide hundreds of exercises, using various equipment. There are amazing 3d models with animations explaining the exercises. You can plan your workouts, keep track of them and see how you are progressing. It is also very useful as you can learn about each muscle group.

Weight loss

MyFitnessPal – This app has the largest food database available and can continuously be updated. As you log your food you can get a complete picture of your eating habits and the detail goes far beyond the basic calorie intake.

Sports activity

Garmin Fit – The app uses GPS tracker on the phone to track speed and distance, ideal if you are training for a distance event. You can share your workouts with others too.

Advanced training

myWOD – For the ultimate fitness guru and lovers of crossfit, myWOD is the must have app. All the benchmark workouts are here and regularly updated. Plus you have the ability to create your own workouts and keep track on how you are working.

There are many apps on the market, some of them of an excellent standard. I strongly recommend people use them as a way to keep progress and stay motivated. You are more likely to hit your goal if you keep track on what you are doing. 

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