Fashion and wearable technology at #SXSW

We’ve been spending a lot of time in sessions focused on wearable technology, mainly because that is all anyone is talking about at SXSW this year! But one session was a real highlight, where Gadi Amit, designer of the FitBit, discussed the future of fashion in wearables.

In his session, Amit discussed the future of wearable technology of not being worn anywhere it will be seen. Therefore, fashion will be a non-issue. Not only that, but with wearables as they currently stand, fashion creates a big issue. If a device is designed with a certain look in mind, it may not fit all outfits, and therefore cannot be worn 24/7.

Take the Pebble for example. It looks a little too tacky for an evening ball, so you take it off. A jazzy coloured Jawbone UP has the same effect, and you start to miss out on data. All that dancing is missed out, perhaps the sleep that night too. And it isn’t just balls – job interviews, client meetings, impact sports, swimming etc. These all determine whether or not you will wear a device.

So the future is not fashion, says Amit. The future is discreet wearables, worn on the body, but concealed under clothes. And hey, in the future it’ll be inside our bodies anyway – so there won’t be any opportunity for fashion.

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