Facebook buys activity tracking Moves app

Moves app, the activity tracker we’ve previously claimed to be better than buying an actual device, has been acquired by Facebook, meaning the social giant is taking digital health quite seriously.

Moves is a free app that tracks steps like a traditional activity tracker, but also tracks running and cycling without the user inputting manually that they are working out. GPS also tracks routes for people, like Runkeeper, but again without the need for inputting data manually. Read our review of Moves here.

Facebook will now have access to this data, where you are, what activity you are doing and most likely display this to your friends on your Facebook page. This is both exciting and worrying to people, as fear over who owns your body data grows.

However, for now Facebook are saying they will not be using data from the app. But we’re expecting this to change if they want to make a return on their undisclosed investment.

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