Bloom Necklace fashion accessory for Shine activity tracker

The Shine by Misfits, which is currently the highest rated activity tracker in our reviews section, is quite possible the most versatile activity tracker out there right now.


The device is a simple disc that can slot into a variety of wearable accessories, or simply just be placed in your pocket. This makes the Shine better than most devices aimed at the fashion market, as the device is fashion neutral and can be worn with a variety of outfits and different occasions.

Misfits are now aiming for the female market, with the Bloom Necklace, a two sided shell and neck-chain for the Shine device which wouldn’t look out of place at a formal ball – where all that dancing can be tracked all night long.

Misfits currently have a limited number of the accessories available for pre-order online. Find out more here.

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