Review of the Dr. Necky neck massager

Dr. Necky is a neck massaging tool that, to be honest, looks like it’s come straight off the screen of a QVC infommercial for neck pain. When I first opened the package to find this peculiar plastic contraption I was, to say the least, unsure about how much it would cure the neck ache I and many get from sitting in front of a screen all day. The Dr. Necky claims to be able to relieve neck pain, without the need to see a professional masseuse. The moving wheels have little ‘knuckles’ that are able able to work your neck and loosen those tight muscle knots. So if you, like me, suffer from neck ache regularly, would I prescribe Dr. Necky? Read on to find out:


It does what it says on the tin really, it promises to roll over your neck and that’s what it does! I guess you could use it on other areas, but the device is so purpose built for the neck area that I’m not sure how much use it would be.


Again, Dr. Neckyreally is built for purpose and it’s hard to use it incorrectly. The design also means that you can massage as light or hard as required. It feels a little peculapiar at first, but it really does seem to work! I specifically waited until the end of a long day at the computer screen to then try to relieve the ache in my neck. To my surprise, it did actually help!


At £11.95, Dr. Necky isn’t exactly cheap, but compared to other products on the market it’s not really that expensive either. Being honest, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to last a very long time and I can already see some wear on the plastic after just a few weeks, although nothing is really broken.


After using the Dr. Necky apover a few weeks, I can’t deny that it does seem to have some positive results. However, I have to think that it’s not much more than I could do myself or have my wife help with a quick neck rub. I happen to have an injured gp finger currently that makes rubbing my own neck a little challenging, so actually I have found myself reaching for Dr. Necky from time to time. Ultimately, this feels like a Xmas stocking filler that happens to stick around for a few months or even years, rather than something I’d go out and buy though.

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