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Noom Weight is the latest in the ever-growing choice of mobile apps to help you log and track your daily calorie intake, as well as exercise and weight. However, the creators don’t want to just be another calorie logging app, but rather a way for people to live healthier. To this end, through its pro subscription users can also access diet plans and the ability to connect with fellow users trying to lose weight or get fitter – for that extra bit of support and encouragement.


Without signing up for a Pro subscription, Noom offers users a simple and user-friendly way to add log their eating habits according to the main meal or snack. The app also allows users to record any exercise or their weight to easily keep track of how their doing and the progress toward any goals they may have. From my experience, all these free features were easy to use, accurate and the database of foods/activities was good (at least as good as any of the other services I’ve tried). If you’re will to go one step further and spend the £6.99 (which does go down to as little as £2.92 if you sign up for a full year) for a Pro subscription to Noom, you get a host of other lovely features. It must be said as well, that this is where the Noom Weight app really came into its own for me. For example, instant advice on the food you log, weekly articles to help you learn simple, scientifically-proven strategies to stay healthy in the long run. The Pro subscription also opens up the Groups functions, which allows you to connect with other ‘Noomers’ (as they put it); to help keep each other going, share weight loss tips, send friendly reminders to each other and give high fives. This is where Noom really steps beyond being a weight loss or calories counting app, to become a social service that helps you get healthier – but you do have to pay for it too.


In terms of the user interface, the app really is lovely. It’s a simple and intuitive design that really allows you jump in and log your food or activity quickly. But if you want to delve a little deeper (and have the Pro subscription) there are layers of other similarly styled enjoyment in the service too. The app really was a joy to use and coming from the likes of MyFitnessPal, it was MUCH more enjoyable to use and look at, but don’t just take my word for it, here are some images from the iPhone app that I tried out: (pretty, no?)

Noom 1    Noom 2     Noom 4


The Noom app is free for both iPhone and Android so it’s pretty hard to argue it as simply an upgrade on the other (less attractive) logging apps out there. However, you’ll have to pay as much as £6.99 per month (£2.92 if you sign up for a full year) for a Pro subscription and access to the other features.


There’s no doubt that Noom is an upgrade on the likes of MyFitnessPal and other free services out there, purely in terms of design and the database seems to have enough detail to not be too much of a hassle. But it’s the Pro subscription and added features that really make Noom stand out. To be completely honest, I personally wouldn’t pay for the Pro service, but I’m also not on a diet or trying to get particularly healthier in my life than I currently am. The litmus test for me is whether someone asked me for a recommendation of a service to help them get fitter or slimmer, would I recommend Noom? The answer to that is a simple yes; I would have no problem recommending this app and the Pro service.

(score for the 'Free' app, not including Pro services)

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