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75% of consumers say wearables will improve wellness

Almost three quarters (75%) of US consumers in a new survey said they believe wearable technology will have a positive impact on industries such as health and wellness, sports and fitness, safety and security, home automation and energy management.  The survey also revealed that, by next year, 1 in 5 Americans are expected to own a wearable technology product such as smart watch, activity tracker or smart glasses.

The survey, of 1,000 US adults, was conducted by global technology research firm, ON World and also showed that younger consumers might be leading the way for mass market adoption of wearables, with over 30% of respondents aged 18 to 34 already owning one of these devices or planning to buy one within the next 12 months. ON World’s research director, Mareca Hatler, commented: “Mobile integrated wireless technologies such as Bluetooth Smart have made wearable technologies appealing to mainstream consumers. Fitness continues to be the primary driver but opportunities for wearable devices are growing for personal lifestyle enhancements, safety, comfort and convenience.”

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