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Qfiber a new heat therapy pad that uses infrared to help sooth those aches and pains away. It claims that it’s ‘revolutionary’ infrared technology to deliver heat deep into the muscle, where its therapeutic benefits can be best felt to relieve pain, relax muscles and speed up the recovery process. It can also be used anywhere, thanks to its power source options of either mains, USB or a battery pack.


The Qfiber is a heat pad with the option to strap it on and either plug into a PC/the mains (via USB) or to wear out and about using the battery pack option. It has features that allow the user to control how hot they have the pad (with 3 main settings) and it’s strap extensions mean you can attach it to almost any body part with relative ease. There is also a handy timer that automatically switches off the heat after an hour, which is great if you’ve kicked back and dozed off one afternoon on the sofa, so as not to completely overheat yourself (this might have happened to me!).


The straps are all Velcro and the controls are all simple enough to understand, so the Qfiber really is a great piece of kit. The heat is constant and even on the highest setting is a good level without ever feeling ‘too hot’. As I’ve already mentioned, the automatic switch-off timer also came in handy when I dozed off with it strapped to my back one afternoon and I must confess I woke up with a much better feeling lower back.
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Now to the all-important cost…as someone with a bad back and that plays sports regularly in spite of this ailment, I regularly use both hot and cold pads to relieve pain and injuries. At the moment this consists of ice packs followed by one of the heat packs you put in the microwave and then slightly burn yourself on for 5-10 minutes! So I was excited to find an alternative, but the Qfiber isn’t cheap: RRP is £69.99, but currently appears to be on sale for £52.95. This might not break the bank, but when you can get a re-usable microwave heat pack for £5, some might not want to pay a premium for the convenience and benefits of the Qfiber.


As I’ve already mentioned, I often struggle with a saw back and playing American Football in my spare time gives me a fresh set of bruises most weeks that need treating with a bit of heat. All too often, this means that I never quite get round to using my microwaveable pack and even if I do, to get it hot enough to feel the benefit involves a 1st degree burn! The Qfiber, on the other hand, I found very easy to throw onto a saw leg or my back and then kick back in front of the TV or carry on about my day.
The major concern I had with the Qfiber before testing it out was simple: Does this infrared stuff actually work?! The simple answer is yes, I honestly felt better for having used it each and every time. Now don’t get me wrong, if I was struggling with my back I would pop the strap on and 30 minutes later I wouldn’t be back-flipping around the house, but there was a definite improvement that was similar to that of the microwaveable alternative (but without the mild scalding!). So ultimately, if you regularly use these pads on joints, backs or for sports injuries (or you struggle with conditions like arthritis/carpal tunnel), I would say that the convenience and benefits of the Qfiber definitely make it worth a try.

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