Klappo launch API for nutrition apps

At the latest TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City this week, Klappo, which claims to be Europe’s first semantic platform for ingredients, has announced the launch of Sensum.io, a new API for developers to create health and wellness-based apps at a reduced cost.

Sensum.io is powered by Klappo and the new API could be the ‘missing ingredient’ (see what we did there!) for supermarkets, restaurants and content providers who want to develop apps that provide customers with deeper knowledge about what they consume. Klappo is hoping the new API can take advantage of two growing trends too: The explosion of health and wellness apps, and the application of big data in everyday life.

Max Del Vita, CEO of Klappo, commented “The health technology market is expanding rapidly, driven by consumers’ desire to improve their wellbeing and live a healthier and more balanced life, through conscious choices about the food we eat. Companies now have a toolkit to provide customers with a quick, easy way to know if specific products align with dietary restrictions based on medical history, religion or weight management goals.”

Sensum.io is available in private beta in the UK immediately and will be available in US markets from Summer 2014.


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