Whistle GPS

Now there’s wearable tech for your pets

If you’re reading this, it’s a pretty good guess that you’re already at least a little obsessed with tracking your daily movement and activity. Well now you can even track your dog too! The new product comes courtesy of the San Francisco start-up, Whistle, which claims to be the ‘Fitbit for dogs’.

Earlier this week it announced that it’s adding some new features to the latest in it’s on-collar devices to make sure that owners never have to worry about losing their furry friend ever again. The new product is called WhistleGPS and uses both GPS and sub-GHz mobile cellular techn to add on-demand location monitoring to Whistle’s flagship activity tracking gadget that syncs with iOS or Android devices (apparently).

The new product is available for pre-order from the Whistle site and here’s a short video to enjoy of dogs running about (if you like that sort of thing).

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