Withings Activite

Withings unveil gorgeous Activité fitness watch

Withings have launched a new activity tracker, the Withings Activité which combines brilliant style with fitness monitoring.

The Activité is an analog watch that is made in Switzerland, and yes it tells the time. But that’s where it stops being a watch, because underneath the clock face is an accelerometer that tracks steps and sleep patterns. And when was the last time your analog timepiece synced with an app on your phone?

While Withings do already have an activity tracker in the market, the Pulse O2 (which I am currently trying out for size) the Activité is to be the more stylish device for more formal occasions. And it comes with a more formal price too, retailing at $390 (£230 if they opt for the accurate conversion).

The watch comes with a leather strap and a sapphire screen, but the best feature is the battery. While the battery is simply a regular watch battery, it will keep the watch charged for an entire year. That’s twice as long as the Misfit Shine and blows devices like the FitBit and Jawbone UP out of the water.

Speaking of water, the Activité is also waterproof (unlike the Pulse O2 which I found out while taking a shower) and comes with a plastic band to swap out for the leather one.

The Activité will be available this Autumn and we expect it to be a big hit. Withings have proven themselves to be a major player in digital health and often have superior quality over the more popular rivals. Perhaps this time their fashionable approach will get them more noticed.

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