Wikilife launches for sharing body data

The Wikilife Foundation have launched a new platform, called Data Donors, that allows people to donate their own body data for use in research, and therefore pushing the foundation’s goal one step further.

The idea of sharing your own body data does scare some, but to others, including myself, this provides a great research opportunity, since the sample size is much larger than any trial imaginable.

Sharing your data, be it from activity monitors, sleep monitors, food trackers or plenty other data points, allows researchers to use your data in aggregate – and anonymously – along with others to help them identify trends en masse.

We spoke to Dani Nofal about Data Donors and the benefits to the user:

Originally when we started Wikilife 4 years ago the wearable market and the tracker apps were rare so we choose to develop a “Swiss army knife” app that could log anything.

You integrate your own data in a single place and you can compare yourself with others to gain context and learn about your own healthy habits.

You can join Data Donors for free and share your own body data, visit their website here.

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